The Paranormal Roadtripper

Zach Bales has had an interest in the paranormal for as long as he can remember.  Growing up in rural Kentucky in the foothills of Appalachia, a region steeped in history and rich with folklore and legend, Bales spent his youth fascinated by tales of ghosts, monsters, and “little green men” and in pursuit of the truth behind these tales.

His fascination with storytelling and oral tradition led Bales to pursue a career in the study of English language and literature.  After obtaining a BA from Eastern Kentucky University and an MA from the University of the Cumberlands, Bales sought a position in Secondary English Education where he has spent the better part of a decade.

All the while, Bales’ interest in the paranormal has never waned.  In fact, exploring the unknown has become one of his obsessions, taking him to the far corners of the North American continent and to eighteen countries spanning the globe.  Bales’ turn as a student of folklore and storytelling has brought him face to face with many of Earth’s most compelling mysteries, many of which he has written about in his two books, The Amateur’s Guide to Ghost Hunting and The Expert’s Guide to Ghost Hunting, which feature anecdotal accounts of the author’s paranormal experiences.

Bales is a regular on the convention and festival circuit, appearing alongside his wife, Melissa, at events throughout the United States.  He has been featured on a number of nationally syndicated radio programs and featured in short films covering a number of paranormal topics.  Bales is also a frequent contributor to Cryptid Culture Magazine.

In 2018, Bales co-founded the International Paranormal Museum and Research Center in Somerset, Kentucky, which features Bales’ collection of haunted artifacts.  The collection includes Gladys and Old Fitzgerald, two pieces teeming with paranormal activity that were featured prominently in Bales’ The Expert’s Guide to Ghost Hunting.

In 2019, Bales launched The Paranormal Roadtripper, a weblog and audio/video program in which Bales explores unexplained phenomenon and conducts interviews with experts in the paranormal field.

What’s past is prologue.


The Paranormal Roadtripper’s Road So Far