This “haunted” house is being given away for free

This “haunted” house is being given away for free

Yes, you read that right. There’s a house in Lafayette, Louisiana that’s being given away for free. The only catch? The house is allegedly haunted. So says Sylvia McLain, the real estate agent who recently listed the property.

The house, which is also in need of a major renovation, has a long history of paranormal activity. It’s said to be inhabited by Adele, the spirit of a woman who died in the house in 1967. According to McLain, Adele likes to meddle in the kitchen of the creaky, old house.

No word on whether the ethereal Adele is affiliated with the English singer-songwriter.

There’s only one catch in buying this “iconic home” on “Verot School Road.” Unless the house is moved, it will be demolished. Sylvia McLain estimates that it will take approximately $40,000 to relocate the house.

That’s the dealbreaker for us here at Paranormal Roadtripper. Otherwise, we’d be on our way to Bayou Country right now!

Still interested? Follow the link below to find more information! If you’ve got $40,000 burning a hole in your pocket, this house (and its spectral inhabitant) can be yours!

‘Haunted’ Louisiana house that needs ‘demons rebuked’ is free of charge

A historic house in Lafayette, Louisiana, is being given away – but even though it’s free, there’s still catch. Not only do owners have to move it, but it also comes with a seriously haunted history. When realtor Sylvia McLain posted about the free house on her Facebook page, former residents and locals took to the comments to share supernatural horror stories.

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