Did a ghost attack James Harden?

Did a ghost attack James Harden?

In less than three hours, the NBA Playoffs will host one of its most anticipated matchups as the Houston Rockets take the court opposite the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Will the defending NBA Champions hold their own against their rivals form the Lone Star State? Or will James Harden and his lethal step-back 3 prove too much for the boys from the Bay. I’ve looked forward to this series since the Warriors defeated the Chris Paul-less Rockets in Game 7 last year.

Before either team takes the court Sunday, SBN decided to have a little fun with James Harden of the Houston Rockets with their tongue planted firmly in cheek.

In the article, SBN takes an in-depth look at a bizarre moment from Game 2 of Houston’s previous series against the Utah Jazz. Their mission: To determine if James Harden was punched in the throat by a ghost midway through the Rockets’ win. SBN provides a funny breakdown of the moment in question. Check out the video below, and be sure to follow the link underneath that for SBN’s write-up!

Oh, and here’s hoping the Warriors take this series in 7.

Mikey Peterson on Twitter

James Harden is tough they say. Break down this play for me. https://t.co/tlS940oXLj

The only explanation for this James Harden flop was that he was punched in the throat by a ghost

After watching video of this James Harden flip over 100 times there is only one reasonable conclusion … paranormal activity. Working against Joe Ingles on Saturday night, Harden was blown by before clutching his throat in agony. Many are writing this off as a rudimentary flop, but I believe there are far more sinister forces at play.

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