New UFO-themed documentary series coming to History Channel

New UFO-themed documentary series coming to History Channel

History must have UFO fever.

With the first season of Project Blue Book wrapping up Tuesday night, History must have noticed a hole in their UFO programming. Their solution? Enter Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. Per History, the series will “hopefully provoke a cultural conversation about [UFO’s] and allow our viewers to ultimately draw their own conclusions.” The series is set to premiere in May.

Here’s hoping for a compelling account of the UFO phenomenon. After the decidedly mixed bag that was Project Blue Book (our full review is coming this weekend), History owes its viewers a series that is both grounded in facts and rich in entertainment value. Let’s hope the audience who made Project Blue Book such a ratings boon gives this docuseries a chance as well.

More to come.

History Sets UFO-Themed Documentary Series

History has greenlit a new six-part series to debut in May that seeks to shine light on a top secret government program tasked to evaluate the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.

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