Bowman UFO Welcome Center is “out of this world”

Bowman UFO Welcome Center is “out of this world”

“Now that’s what I call a close encounter!” With those words, Captain Steven Hiller (played by Will Smith in Independence Day) took a puff on his cigar having just belted an extraterrestrial in the jaw. “Welcome to Earth” indeed.

Jody Pendarvis believes otherworldly visitors to his South Carolina home are entitled to a much warmer visit. That’s why he created the Bowman UFO Welcome Center, a rest stop for intergalactic travelers. The Welcome Center includes, among other things, a kitchen where aliens can whip up their favorites. Can I suggest Plomeek Soup? Let’s just hope they aren’t interested in “serving man.” Follow the link below to learn more about Pendarvis’ creation, and start planning your visit today!

‘Out of this world’: Bowman UFO Welcome Center puts small town on map

There is nothing else like it in the entire state of South Carolina. One could say it is uniquely “alien” to the state. The renown of the 16-foot-tall, 46-foot-wide, saucer-shaped Bowman UFO Welcome Center has spread over the country and the world, with news of the welcome center greeting viewers from distant galaxies and foreign lands as far away as Japan on planet Earth.

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    Now that’s what I call a close encounter.

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