Five crescent-shaped objects seen over Hampton Roads

Five crescent-shaped objects seen over Hampton Roads

In 1975, Jimmi Bonavita, a police officer in Hampton Roads, Virginia, watched in awe as five crescent-shaped objects bounced across the sky with four Navy fighter jets in hot pursuit. According to Bonavita, the Unidentified Flying Objects easily outmaneuvered the fighter jets and disappeared over the ocean.

Bonavita still stands by this story today.

This is just one of the many credible UFO sightings in the skies over Coastal Virginia, the earliest of which was in 1813. Yes, you read that right: They’ve been seeing unusual lights over Hampton Roads since the Madison Administration…

The question is: Why? What is it about this part of the country that makes these sightings so prominent? A recent article by The Daily Press tried to answer those questions. Follow the link below to read about their findings!

Hampton Roads’ long, strange history with UFOs

Five crescent-shaped objects were traveling in formation, moving like saucers bouncing off the top of water. Up and down. Up and down. Jimmi Bonavita, then a Virginia Beach police officer, saw the “semi-translucent” globes coming over the horizon, several miles out at treetop level. He revved up his patrol car.

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