Ghosts abound in the Historic Calumet Inn

Ghosts abound in the Historic Calumet Inn

There are a few hotels that are consistently considered to be among “America’s Most Haunted.” The Bourbon Orleans, the Copper Queen, the Crescent, the Del, the Myrtle’s Plantation, the Queen Mary, and the Stanley.

If a recent report by Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is to be believed, there’s another hotel that should be added to any comprehensive list of “America’s Most Haunted Hotels:” the Historic Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota.

Guests of the Calumet will find a binder sitting next to the reception desk that contains an exhaustive list of all the paranormal activity observed in the 131-year-old hotel. The binder is three inches thick…

To learn more about the hair-raising history of the Calumet Inn or the ghosts that purportedly haunt the building, follow the link below!

The Ghost in Room 308

We sent Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl to spend a night at the Historic Calumet Inn, a spectacular hotel in Pipestone with a cursed history. But she found something else: a sacred Native quarry, the Stonehenge of North America, and the largest smokable pipe in the world.

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