Michigan couple believes they caught a ghost on camera

Michigan couple believes they caught a ghost on camera

Do you believe in ghosts? There’s a couple in Michigan that sure does. After finding bizarre scratches on their 1-year-old daughter’s face, Joshua Higgins and Heather Brough decided to search their nanny cam for answers. What they found left them quite disturbed.

In the video, Higgins and Brough caught what they believed to be a ghost in their little girl’s bedroom. The shadowy figure hovers near their daughter’s crib for several seconds before disappearing into thin air. Is this video proof that ghosts exist? Higgins and Brough certainly believe so, and that’s why they’ve decided it’s time to move out. Looking to live in a haunted home? There may be one available in Highland, Michigan very soon…

Check out the video by following the link below.

Michigan Couple Claims They Caught Ghost On Nanny Cam Who Scratched Baby’s Face [VIDEO]

(WWJ) A flash of movement, a shadow really, seems to cross quickly on the rails of a portable crib. The baby inside, sucking on her pacifier, pops up her head and seems to follow the movement as the shadow trails into nothingness, absorbed by the night.

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