Catholic Church offers exorcism course this week

Catholic Church offers exorcism course this week

Heading to Rome this weekend? You may be able to get in on the Roman Catholic Church’s annual “Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation.” For just $450 per person, this week-long course is available to members of all major Christian faiths for the first time in many years.

“Expelling the devil goes back to the earliest origins of the Christian Church,” said Father Pedro Barrajon, one of the organizers of the event. “The Catholic rite is very structured, whereas some of the other churches are more creative, they don’t use a precise format.”

Giuseppe Ferrari, founder of “the Social and Religious Research Group,” stated in his opening remarks at the event. “Many young people display a certain attraction and interest toward themes tied to esotericism, magic, the occult, Satanism, witchcraft, vampirism and contact with a presumed supernatural world.”

Where are Father Lankester Merrin and Father Damien Karras when you need them?

For more information about the “Course on Exorcism and Prayer of Liberation,” follow the link below!

Rome opens up exorcism course to all major Christian faiths to fight rising demonic forces

For the first time in 14 years, the Roman Catholic Church has opened up its annual exorcism class in Rome to all major Christian faiths in a bid to stem the rising tide of demonic forces around the world.

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