George Dudding Honored by Paranormal Roadtripper’s Nightmare Gallery

George Dudding Honored by Paranormal Roadtripper’s Nightmare Gallery

The time has come to announce the next inductee into Paranormal Roadtripper’s Nightmare Gallery—George Dudding of Spencer, West Virginia!

George Dudding was born in Mason County, West Virginia—in the riverside settlement of Point Pleasant—on December 31, 1950. Dudding was a student at Point Pleasant High School during the Mothman Flap of the late 1960s. Though he never saw the Mothman himself, Dudding remembers the details of the saga well, including its devastating conclusion: On the night of the Silver Bridge Disaster, Dudding watched in horror as boats with searchlights combed the icy Ohio River for survivors.

In recent years, Dudding has established himself as West Virginia’s foremost authority on the enigmatic. The septuagenarian has appeared on television and film, and he has written more than sixty books on folklore and legend. Dudding writes with the confidence and patience, with the strength and wisdom of a man of science—traits that were honed, no doubt, in the halls of academia, where Dudding spent thirty-six years as an instructor of physics and mathematics.

Today, George Dudding, who has a knack for efficiency and a nose for numbers, continues his decades-long effort to champion the facts and uncover the truth surrounding the Mothman Flap and the other great mysteries of the world, and it is of little doubt that his commitment and contributions to the study of the unusual, the unexplained, and the otherworldly will continue to inspire researchers for many years to come, especially at Paranormal Roadtripper’s Nightmare Gallery, where George Dudding was inducted on January 01, 2023.

We will be inducting another legendary researcher into Paranormal Roadtripper’s Nightmare Gallery on July 04, 2023!