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The Bigfooter’s Atlas by Zach Bales is coming soon

It’s official! The Bigfooter’s Atlas by Zach Bales is coming soon! The book will chronicle the adventures of Zach and Melissa Bales, the Paranormal Roadtrippers, as they travel deep into the heart of “Bigfoot Country” and from one spine-tingling location to the next. This publication will offer the author’s anecdotes and theories concerning the Bigfoot…
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Ohio is a apparently a UFO “hot spot”

In a memorable scene from Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, an electrical lineman played by Richard Dreyfuss sees a number of bizarre lights, unidentified flyings objects, over Muncie, Indiana. The man is shaken by the experience, and he is desperate in his search for answers. If only his search had taken him…
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