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Kentucky man reveals the secret to finding Bigfoot

Coming up empty in the search for Bigfoot? Chances are you may have been looking in all the wrong places. Enter Zach Bales, author of the[…]

The Bigfooter’s Atlas by Zach Bales is coming soon

It’s official! The Bigfooter’s Atlas by Zach Bales is coming soon! The book will chronicle the adventures of Zach and Melissa Bales, the Paranormal Roadtrippers, as they travel deep into the heart of “Bigfoot Country” and from one spine-tingling location to the next. This publication will offer the author’s anecdotes and theories concerning the Bigfoot…
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New documents reveal the FBI once investigated Bigfoot

Throughout much of the 1990’s, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, two agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on FOX’s The X-Files, were desperate in their search for answers concerning unexplained phenomenon. In their travels, Mulder and Scully encountered everything from extraterrestrials to werewolves to the Great Mutato, but never once did they encounter Bigfoot.…
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Ohio Bigfoot Conference returns to Salt Fork State Park this weekend

If you’re going to be in southeast Ohio this weekend, you might want to check out the Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge, Ohio. Often considered one of Bigfoot’s favorite haunts, Salt Fork State Park has been the home of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference for eight years. There will be a…
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Whoop! ESPN reveals inside look at Sasquatch calling contest

With March Madness wrapping up earlier this week and the NBA Playoffs set to begin on Sunday, you’d think ESPN would be up to their eyeballs in basketball coverage. Will Mike Cronin be the right fit at UCLA? Will the Golden State Warriors pull off the three-peat for the first time since Shaq and Kobe’s…
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Sasquatch tracks spotted near Medical Lake, Washington

For centuries, there have been sightings of ape-like creatures in the Pacific Northwest. One of the most famous encounters with these beings took place in Washington near Mt. St. Helens when a group of miners led by Fred Beck were purportedly attacked by a number of the creatures while staying in a remote cabin in…
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Sasquatch symposium coming to the Smokies

With wildfires becoming a bigger and bigger threat to forests and wildlife throughout the States, Smokey the Bear’s proverb, “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires,” has never been more relevant. The saying is especially important for all those camping and hiking along the border of North Carolina and Tennessee in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where…
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