Water companies still use dowsing to detect pipes

Water companies still use dowsing to detect pipes

It is mentioned in the Holy Bible. It is mentioned in the works of Homer. Dowsing has been around for thousands of years, and it doesn’t look to be going away any time soon.

You see, water companies across the United States and United Kingdom still use dowsing rods to help them find pipes that are buried beneath the Earth. Yeah, you read that right. These companies still employ dowsing rods today. In the 21st Century.

As we are poised to launch a new line of dowsing rods here at Paranormal Roadtripper, we felt it was necessary to highlight the legend behind this curious technique. For a crash course in the art of “water witching,” follow the link below!

The Magic of Dowsing Keeps Holding On

In reality, it’s just a tricked out version of a divining rod-typically a Y-shaped twig or bent metal wire used to witch for water. Dowsing, or water witching, is a centuries-old practice in which a person walks with a divining rod in hand until it moves due to unseen forces, indicating a source of water underground.

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