There’s an “X-Files” museum coming soon

There’s an “X-Files” museum coming soon

The truth is out there! That’s what fans of the long-running FOX series The X-Files were promised throughout its nine season… well, eleven season… run. Now, X-Philes (as fans of the show are playfully referred) will be happy to know that there is a museum coming their way in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Set to open later this year, the museum will house the X-Files Preservation Collection, an assortment of artifacts from the series that two lifelong fans have been putting together for most of their lives.

For more information on the upcoming museum, check out the link below!

X-Files Preservation Collection hoping to find home in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – The X-Files Preservation Collection is one of the world’s largest collections of screen-used props, wardrobes, set-dressings and production items from the television series “The X-Files.” The show is the second longest running sci-fi series in television history. Fandom is large and strong, rivaling that of Star Trek, Disney, and Star Wars.

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    Sounds like there’s a Paranormal Roadtrip in my future!

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