Old theory about ghosts getting new life

Old theory about ghosts getting new life

Have you seen a ghost? According to scientists, your eyes may have been playing tricks on you. You see, since the Victorian era, scientists have been desperate in their search for answers to the age-old question: “What is it that goes bump in the night?”

And what was their consensus? Let’s just say that believers probably won’t be too keen on it. Follow the link below to Phys.org for more information.

Victorian scientists thought they’d found an explanation for ghosts-but the public didn’t want to hear it

November 1, 2019 by Karl Bell, The Conversation As the film Ghostbusters showed, true believers in the supernatural rarely prosper in the scientific establishment. Throughout history, scientists who entertained theories on ghosts, magic and the afterlife were discredited by their peers and condemned for tarnishing the rational foundations of the discipline.

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